Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The purpose of Mindful-Interactions is to significantly increase the quality of our moment to moment interactions with ourselves and with others.  This might appear to be a daunting task.  After all, we have ingrained within us patterns of  belief and behavior that have remained unchanged for decades.  How could we now, after all this time, after all our failed efforts, make a shift? My answer:  “we” don’t make a shift.  The reason “we” have had such a difficult time changing is because “we” are the ones trying to change.  But “we” are the ones doing what “we” are doing.  The we in this case is  our ego.  Our ego has no interest in changing.  If it wanted to change, it would.  Actually, it seeks to continue as it has in the past.

A shift happens when our thoughts are questioned.  At this moment, a shift becomes possible.  Our ego, which had such a control over us, begins to soften.  I like what Byron Katie has to say about this:  “I don’t let go of my thoughts.  I  question them until they let go of me.”  We are all capable of questioning our thoughts.  Once we thoroughly question them, we can no longer believe them.  We begin to recognize that we can be certain of nothing.  When we are certain of nothing, we attach to nothing.  When we attach to nothing we become free of suffering.

This is our purpose:  to enable people to become free of suffering.  When we are free of suffering we increase the quality of our moment to moment interactions with ourselves and others.

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