Creating a new world, one heart-moment at a time

Our Mission:

Mindful Interactions is dedicated to helping people increase three kinds of connection: with self, with others, and with the present moment. This enables them to say what is in their heart and to hear what is in the heart of others. When this happens they feel a release of energy and creativity to make the contribution that is theirs to make in the world.

Our Vision:

We see a world filled with people who have the awareness and skill to bring empathy and compassion to every relationship. They bring spaciousness to conflicts and are able to resolve them with ease. This is a world without violence, environmental destruction, and war. We believe it can happen when enough people learn and practice the skills of mindful interaction.

How We Do It

1.  Individual and couples coaching.  2.  Three Courses of learning.
pic6Each course is 8 weeks.  Each course is in a small group setting.  We build in strong group interaction and support.  We encourage “empathy buddies” – a weekly practice to enhance your ability to give and receive empathy.  We engage in live practice in the group.  You receive feedback and expert coaching in real time.  You become inspired by the growth and breakthroughs of other course members.
By the end of each group, participants experience breakthroughs in their ability to conduct important conversations with their spouse, their children, their boss, and their friends.  Their ability to make powerful requests and to improve their sense of connection with others grows dramatically.
They let go of anger, resentment, irritation, and annoyance and cultivate instead loving kindness, warm heartedness, and understanding.  Their happiness increases.  They are able to accomplish more with less resistance and greater joy.  Their stress is reduced and their sense of belonging and connection is increased.  The result is an increased dedication to the purposes of their life- to live in the present moment with attention and ease.
Level I:  Preconditions for Happiness-  An introductory course which teaches how to identify and connect with your feelings and needs and how to connect with the feelings and needs of others in the present moment.
Level II:  Sacred Nonviolence- An advanced course which teaches how to dig deeper into feelings and needs to experience the spiritual and sacred quality in them.  This in turn enables participants to release their attachments and liberates them to create something entirely new in their lives.
Parenting with Ease- A course which teaches parents how to apply compassion, understanding, and empathy with children while still providing strong boundaries and emotional consistency and reliability.

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