Living Life From Divine Consciousness

Coastal Redwoods, CaliforniaMany people are now drawn to the divine in their life.  They are realizing that the way we are conducting ourselves in this world is leading to mass extinction of all life on the planet.  A major shift in our awareness and in the way we lead our life is now something many of us are taking seriously and starting to do.

At the same time, many find living from divine consciousness challenging.  They face day to day challenges that seem to call them out of their spiritual awareness and force them into acting from their ego- to protect themselves or their family- to provide food, clothing, and financial resources.

When life seems to be pulling me away from our divine origins, I find it useful to remember the giant redwoods.  When I walk among these amazing beings, I feel I’m in a holy place.  It’s quiet and sublime.  It’s a place of deep peacefulness, of solitude, and immense strength.  These ancient beings live in God’s world.  I drink in their energy and I feel their spirit inside me.  I ask the spirit that gave life to them to continue to support me in everything I do  that is aligned with Her desire.

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