Fear running away Fear inhibits us.  It scares us.  It leads us to contract our body and run away from the thing we fear.  As children, this appears to be our only option.  As adults, we become aware that we can stop running and face the thing we fear. But this thought often does not help us.  It often leads us to feel guilt.  Now, not only are we afraid, we feel guilty about it.  We get tangled up in a guilt-fear mess.

When we approach our partners, looking for help, they often sense our fear and they too run away.  Fear can be contagious.  Who is able to quietly listen to another’s fear without reacting themselves?

But unless we bring tremendous energy and enthusiasm to our project, we are likely to revert to contraction.  We try to hide from the world.

Alone in a bottle











With help, we might be able to climb out of our hole and get ready for our next bold move.


diving board










Only to get scared again and revert to our hiding place.

man hiding under desk











What should we do when we are stuck under our desk hiding from the world?  Or stuck inside our self-made glass jar?  Find a friend.  Get some empathy.  Call me.  Do what you can to climb out of your retreat.  Or you can meditate until you are ready to come out by yourself!  The main thing is to remember this:  life is too exciting to live it hiding under your desk!



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