A Vision for a New World

Rays-of-light-in-the-forest-wallpaper_5277A friend is having a 60th birthday party.  He was concerned about the fate of the world and asked each participant to report their vision for what the world of the future will look like.  Here is my vision:

I grew up in a world where it was taken for granted that each person was an individual, responsible for themselves. When they accomplished something, some kind of reward was expected. If they did something “wrong,” some kind of punishment was expected. I spent a good deal of time expecting punishment for the “wrong” things I frequently did. I didn’t enjoy this system of separation and somehow always believed something was missing from it. But I accepted it as the way things are in this world: everyone is separate and we are all separate from animals, plants, and the natural world- including the universe- which is a vast void made up of empty space with stars and galaxies existing in an uncross able vacuum millions of light years from us.   To me this seemed like a very bleak picture- but a “reality” I had to accept if I was to live in reality and not escape into a dream world. In a world like this, love, care, kindness, friendship, consideration, connection- these were exceptions to the rule of separation.

The world of the future that I see is very different from the one described above. There are many forces pushing all of us to reject that world and create a new one. One of the forces is observation that we are rapidly using up our natural resources and using them unwisely. Another is the observation that seeing people as separate from us leads frequently to seeing them as our enemy- if they do something we don’t like. This, in turn, easily leads to violence and war. Most people can see that we want to change this. A third factor is that there is a rising spiritual awakening throughout humankind. People are seeing that they are not really separate from others, from animals, from plants, or from the universe. They are seeing themselves as part of the natural world instead of separate from it. Finally, even science is helping us. It turns out that the universe is not just made up of a vacuum with stars millions of light years away from us. The universe is made up of space. The same space that we occupy, the universe also occupies. And there are mysterious forces at work in the universe that the experts not only cannot explain, they cannot even articulate! For example, scientists believe that the universe started with a big bang. Before it banged, the universe was so small it could not be seen. So, how do you pack a universe so large that it’s almost infinite and so massive that it’s trillions of times the mass of our sun, into a space so small you cannot see it? Nobody can explain this. Also, the universe is not just expanding. It’ expansion is accelerating. That means that something is pulling it apart. It turns out that 97% of the mass of the universe is made up of dark matter and dark energy- stuff we cannot see or measure directly. We are surrounded by and embedded in an unfathomable mystery. This explanation is called “science.”  In other words, “science” has no idea what  composes 97% of the universe or what laws really govern it. Then there are miracles- great and small that happen every day if we are on the lookout for them.

Space of AwarenessI no longer believe in the absolute separation of people and natural objects.   I believe we are all connected on a deep spiritual plane. When I speak to my trees, they speak back to me. When I connect with others, they connect with me. We all share this planet together. As we all learn how to share together rather than grab for ourselves, we turn the culture of the planet around. We won’t agree to go to war. We won’t agree to pollute the place we live in. We won’t destroy the fish and wildlife and our water supply. I see greater numbers of people willing to make the shift toward higher consciousness and devote themselves to living from this place. I want to be one of the teachers that helps people do this. As these numbers increase, there will be a shift in consciousness. We will be unwilling to make the same mistakes we have made for hundreds of years. Like old alcoholics that have hit bottom, we will make a change from being embedded and identified with the material world to being part of the spiritual consciousness of an awakened new world.

That’s what I see and that’s the world I am dedicating my life to.

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